Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snappy K Quotes

Here are some journal entries from one of my kindergarten students from a few years ago.  The first one reads, "I am afraid of experiment 300 because it could turn into explode everything."  The second one reads, "I created experiment 222.  It is programmed to get you sick.  Don't let 222 inside your body."

Some random quotes I've heard over the years-
 "You know what happens when you die? The devil makes you dance naked."
"I saw you there [wherever in the world] but you didn't see me."
"You may now kiss the bride." (when Sock Monkey book is viewed)
"What the hell teacher?"
"Mrs. Tavi, I am going to give you star powers, wind powers and moon powers."
I got a million of 'em and I'll add to this when I think of them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pony Venom

A 10 year old out there with the moxie to start a band with the name Pony Venom is my future hero. Wish I had done it. Alas, I wasn't even a pony girl at age 10. I rode my Dad's horses, but for me horses weren't the end all/ be all, that many of my fellow 10 yr. old friends thought they were. My friend Jenny once told me that there are pony girls, bird girls and cat girls. Before I even knew the word reincarnation, I was convinced that I was a cat in my past life. I recently saw "Golden Compass" and was convinced somehow a page of my childhood diary had been stolen. Play "Power Spirit Animal" with your friends and see how funny and revealing it is.