Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zeitgeist or Heist?

Here's the art I drew (2004) for my medically themed band Blue Silk Sutures that was on our
t-shirts and on our 7" split with Silver Daggers-
Here's the art (2009) for the band Antlers (aren't there enough bands w/variations on that name already?)-

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recent Music Releases

In the last week, Pukekos music blog have posted two of my former bands unreleased tracks. First was an Amps For Christ song entitled 'Empire' and the second was the record 'Ahoy Mermatey!' by my sea shanty band Aye Aye Captain with Dame Darcy. There is also an old posting on there for 2 songs by my band Blue Silk Sutures. Blue Silk Sutures have been mixing some new songs this week and we hope to oblige you in the future. I have lost complete days of my life to music blog downloads and I encourage the ripping of said tracks (with my bands' tacit approval of course) wholeheartedly.