Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Time No See

I have been avoiding my blog because I knew inevitably I'd post about my cat passing away. It happened June 5th and I still feel pretty raw about it. It's like the Hadron Collider created a black hole in my heart that threatens to engulf my world. Two kittens have since fallen into our laps. They are wily and funny and share nuances of our old cat RayRay but they have some pretty big cat boots to fill. RayRay was given to us by our good friend Anthony when he couldn't fit him in the Jet Blue carrier for a cross country move to New York. We had known Ray since his kittenhood and Anthony knew he'd be happy with us. Sam and I are cat ladies minus the piss smell and french fries for cat food. We were RayRay's satellites, and he behaved every bit the tiny emperor in his pagoda cat tree. He was adoring and adorable, the kind of cat who comes out and charms the guests, then leaves them with a licked on head and lap of ivory fur. He could also be crafty. He was a fiend for Comet and would roll around in the slightest residue for hours. He loved to play slot machine with the TP and hit jackpot by rolling it out completely. He was really into stealing things and depositing them in his water dish. He was a God of Chaos who liked to knock things off from great hieghts just to see them crash and fall and hopefully break. He had complicated relationships with other cats, especially if they attempted to cozy up to me. He was very loyal and I still try to see him in our windows when we come home, looking out on the world, waiting for us.